Friday, May 12, 2006

Random Rants and Praises

On the days that I have to work, to rise from bed and get ready for work is an epic struggle. All I want to do is sleep-in for an extra hour or so, and I only get out of bed at that last possible minute. So why is it, that on that one rare day I have off during the week, where I am free to sleep-in to my hearts content my body wakes me up fully charged half-hour before I normally get up?

Oh my god. Hostel is one the wickedest movies I have ever seen. I finally got around to renting it last night. I had avoided the movie for some time, because I was slightly scared to watch it. I wasn’t scared of it being gory, I was scared that it would leave me disturbed for a few days. I don’t find images scary, but I do find certain ideas to be scary (American Psycho the book gave me nightmares). And, I remember that scene from Saw, where the one survivor had to cut open the stomach of her lover to get the key to open the head-exploding contraption she was wearing, haunting me for about a week after. So, I didn’t feel like being haunted for weeks, but Music Man ranted and raved about this movie, and I decided to stop being a pussy and just suck it up and watch it. I’m glad I did. I can’t remember the last time I was so charged after watching a movie. Plus, it is a pure pleasure to stare and admire the face of Jay Hernandez.

What the fuck was up with the last episode of America’s Top Model? So the five model finalist find themselves in exotic Thailand. The challenge for this episode? They watch a lady perform classical Thai dance, and later must perform a classical Thai dance number themselves in full Thai garb. I found the whole sequence making me feel uncomfortable, as it smacked of appropriation. Of course there is nothing wrong with American models learning Thai dance. But to give them 15 minutes instruction, and then perform a number? The models just improvised the dance number with stereotype and cliché moves, drawing on their imagination as to what they thought Thai classical dance should be like. In effect, disrespecting an art form and its history. Thai classical dance is something you spends years learning, those finger and eye moves are meant to be done in an exact way – not synthesized into a 15 minute challenge for a reality show. I guess that’s American T.V. for you.

I believe – for an optimally happy adult population – every one should have sex every day. A couple night ago, Mr. Honey Tongue rocked my world, I’m talking about a two-hour session of Karma Sutra proportions. The next day at work, I was walking around with a big grin on my face, a bounce in my walk. Normally, the customers of the Big Evil Corporation are the bane of my existence, with them begging me for exceptions that they are not supposed to receive. Normally, I am firm in my insistence on playing by the rules, rarely ever budging. Yesterday, I was making exceptions left, right, and centre, not really caring to uphold the rules of the Big Evil Corporation, just reveling in the day-after-glow of my jam session.

Finally, while a week late, I wanted to express my sorrow at the passing of probably one of the greatest musical directors of Hindi Cinema, Naushad Ali. Simply put a musical genius, who made more than a lasting impact on Filmi music. Responsible for the music of such classic movies as, Pakeezah, Mughal-e-Azam, and Mother India, he innovated and pioneered the sound of Hindi film music. And he, gave the world the gifts, which are the voices of Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammad Raffi. Rest in peace.


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