Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It was Fun

I am deeply flattered. I checked up on this dusty old blog, and saw that it had been getting consistent hits, even though I have not contributed anything for awhile now. It is really sweet to think that people are curious to see what I have to say, and keep checking to see when I will return from hiatus.

Unfortunately, this hiatus will be permanent. I started the blog project for one sole reason: to work on my writing. I found that the blog format forced me to write and the end I was left with a post - a completed piece of writing. Also, it gave me the opportunity to work out some theoretical ideas I had regarding writing.

I loved blogging. I loved getting responses from people, and in the process discovering other blogs.

The blog project definitely got my writing juices flowing again. I found that I was writing posts which I did not feel I wanted to share with the general public (strange I know given my previous level of candor). I found myself continuing to explore theoretical ideas regarding writing style, which were not worked out enough for online display.

So, I have kept writing, except no longer for this blog. I am currently labouring away on a writing project; a memoir cum novel. The current project is a labour of love and consumes all my creative energy; as such this blog will not be updated. God willing, at some point in the near future, this labour of love will be available to you at your local bookstore ;)

I may choose to incarnate myself again in the blogsphere and provide commentary on the world as I see it. But for now, Dutty Brown Boi has left the building.

Thank you all who came to read what had to say.