Thursday, September 06, 2007

Whose Song is it Anyways?

Normally, discussions surrounding “art” and “appropriation”, follow a simplistic and linear logic. It usually assumes that the Centre appropriates/borrows/takes/steals elements of culture from the Periphery in order to be “cool”. I have made a simple diagram to illustrate this below.

But watch these three clips from youtube, they indicate, that maybe it’s more complicated.

Exhibit A) T'es Ok! by Ottawan (French Cananadian disco band circo 1970)

Exhibit B) Jimmy Aja from Disco Dancer (classic Bollywood film circa 1970)

Exhibit C) Jimmy by MIA (present day bomb track)

To summarize, we have a classic Bollywood tune, which aped a French Canadian disco act. Which was then given new life by a British born musician of Sri Lankan background. And, I can already see the alternative white girls going nuts flailing their hair back and forth to this track.


Blogger Diasporic Girl said...

how right you are! western hegemonic forces at play again -those in power, decide what is cool for you and me...lets do dinner / drinks soon okay?

4:15 PM  

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